Your safeguards

Keeping you Safe

Financial Conduct Authority

The equity release industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that:
  • Your financial adviser must be authorised and qualified to advise you on a Home Reversion Plan. 
  • We must present our Key Fact illustrations (KFI) and Offer documents in a set format, which means that they are comparable with those of our competitors.   
You can find more information about the FCA here -

Equity Release Council
Retirement Bridge is proud to be an active member of the Equity Release Council.  
Our history with the Equity Release Council goes back a long way.  In 1991, Home & Capital, one of the companies within the Retirement Bridge Group was a founder member of SHIP (which became the Equity Release Council in 2012).  Bridgewater Equity Release also joined in 1998, when it commenced its business.
The Equity Release Council broadened its membership in 2012 to include all aspects of equity release advice and product provision.  As well as product providers, it represents financial advisers, solicitors, surveyors and other interested parties working in the equity release industry.
One of the cornerstones of the Equity Release Council is a commitment to ensuring good outcomes for the customer where protections and safeguards are a continuing feature.  It believes in both protecting and educating the consumer and maintaining and enforcing an appropriate set of principles to ensure that consumers can access the highest standards of advice and secure solutions in equity release.
Retirement Bridge abides by the Equity Release Council’s Statement of Principles:
  • Ensure that all our actions promote public confidence in equity release as a potential retirement solution.
  • Act at all times in utmost good faith.
  • Communicate high expectations for equity release outcomes in all our dealings.
  • Ensure conflicts of interest are managed fairly and reduced to the lowest practical level.
  • Exercise due skill, care and diligence in all that we do and uphold the standards set out by our professional bodies at all times.
  • Always act with the best interests of our clients being paramount, treating customers fairly in all our actions.

Equity Release Council Product Standards

No Rent Product

As a product provider, our home reversion (no rent) product meets all the Equity Release Council product standards applicable to home reversion plans:
  • You have the right to remain in your property for life (or until you choose to move out of the property), provided the property remains your main residence and you abide by the terms and conditions of your contract.  
  • You have the right to move to another property subject to the new property being acceptable to us as continuing security for your home reversion plan. 
  • Any valuation of the property will be carried out by a current member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and registered under the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

Fixed and Escalating Rent Product

The products have been designed to provide a choice for customers who may not consider that a traditional equity release product and the accompanying standards are suitable in their circumstances. 

The home reversion with rent products differ from the standards in the following way:

As long as a customer taking out an Equity Release Council standard equity release product adheres to the terms and conditions of their contract then they can remain in their property for life.  This also applies to the Home Reversion (Fixed Rent) and Home Reversion (Escalating Rent) products along with a requirement for monthly rental payments, (which is not a requirement of roll up equity release products, or traditional home reversion products without rent).  Our home reversion with rent products do not conform to all of the Equity Release Council Product Standards applicable to home reversion plans as your home is at risk if you do not keep up your monthly rental payments.