Am I eligible for your plans?

We have a number of different criteria for our Home Reversion plans, this is anything from your age to your property type. If you can answer yes to the following questions we should be able to offer a plan to meet your requirements:
  • Are you and your partner over 60 years of age?
  • Is your property in England and valued over £100,000?
  • Is your property of standard construction and considered mortgageable?
In order for us to provide a definitive answer you need to contact a Financial Adviser who will contact us on your behalf, for more information on obtaining a financial adviser click here.  

When you apply for a home reversion with rent you will be asked to demonstrate the level of retirement income to which you are entitled and the level of outgoings you incur. We will also need details of your income if you are still in employment. The information provided will be used to assess your ability to afford the rent payments.

If you choose to apply for a home reversion (without rent) we will not require details of your income and outgoings.